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Life, Love and Law

Life, Love and Law


Why this book?

We live in an unforgiving world where some seek closure by witnessing the execution of their loved one's convicted killer while others sue benevolent foundations because they helped people who had contact with assumed members of a «terrorist» group. Some countries go even further as their foreign policy is to attack anyone they perceive as a threat.

Western advertisements instil in us the need of products to keep us young, sexy, content and proud while most of the planet's population has not enough clean water, food, electricity and few of what we consider the bare necessities of life.

How is a Christian to react? Where is she to turn for guidance when Christian institutions are crippled by scandals and Christian values seem obsolete in our new world?

For some, Christian values are even dangerous as they go against our science and our consumer society. Economic theory states that those who refuse to buy hurt others as the economy's vitality depends on spending. For others, helping the disadvantaged and the marginalized goes against evolution as that theory is based on the «survival of the fittest»

Capitalism and ownership are considered essential to our present and future freedom and well-being. Ambition, greed and competition are absolutely required if our wonderful «world order» (social, political, economic) is to flourish.

What is Jesus' position on these topics? What does He say to the devout Christian about our world? What is really His message? Why did He come?







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Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity, June 6th, 2004

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